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Münchner Onkologie

specialized medical clinic
for haematology and internistic oncology

· with day hospital ·

Weinstraße 5
80333 München
+49 (0)89 189 177 80

Welcome to our website „Muenchner Onkologie“

We are delighted that you are interested in our wide range of diagnostic procedures and all kind of modern therapies in the field of oncology, hematology and immunology.

I am glad to be at your service since May 5, 2017 – after the total refurbishment of our office. I offer you all chemotherapies according to the newest international guidelines on two floors and more than 350 square meters in our out-patient department. For your treatment you may decide between one of our tastefully designed private lounges or the amply and light-flooded day unit with 70 square meters.

My 24 years long professional experience at university allows me to guarantee you highest medical standards along with least possible side effects. Sickness, loss of hair, listlessness and fatigue can be prevented. My supportive concept allows me to offer you a maximum of normality in your daily life for your time under treatment!

Therefore, I work together with chief physicians and acknowledged experts from both universities of Munich and from the municipal hospitals as well as with licensed colleagues of surgery, radiotherapy, radiology, pathology and of course with your family doctor. Only together we will succeed in finding the best therapy for you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. med. Daniela Grenacher-Horn

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Tel: +49 (0)89 189 177 80
Fax: +49 (0)89 189 177 819
Mo-Fr 8-12 Uhr und 13-18 Uhr
and with appointment
Weinstraße 5
80333 München
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In the center of Munich


„Muenchner Onkologie“ an outptient clinic and a day-clinic on two floors with over 350 sqm is located in the Old City Centre of Munich between the central square „Marienplatz“ and the Cathedral „Frauenkirche“ with a perfect transport connection. After a complete renovation in the beginning of 2017 I am happy to offer you „state of the art“ strategies and latest therapy algorithms in an unique setting of private lounges and a light flooded, huge day-clinic with modern ambience with latest diagnostic eqipment.

The Expert Team of „Muenchner Onkologie“ and Networking

Dr Grenacher-Horn is a specialist in internal medicine with focus on oncology, hematology and palliative care medicine.
She is a board certified oncologist with also a re-certification of an European diploma for medical oncology of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).
With her experience of more than 24 years of oncological expertise Dr. Grenacher-Horn is one of the best international working oncologists in Munich with a huge network of interdisciplinary working specialist in all oncological fields:

  • surgery
  • radiation-therapy
  • radiology
  • oncology

In interdisciplinary tumor boards Dr. Grenacher-Horn discusses the optimized individual therapy strategies together with the chairmen of both universities and the biggest municipal hospitals in town.

With her team of experts for oncological nursing, medical oncologic assistance we can guarantee you the highest degree of quality and security in all fields of the oncological work flow.

Newest Therapies and „State of the Art“ Oncological Medicine

In the „Muenchner Onkologie“ we provide worldwide the highest level of modern therapies with newest drug therapies only available in level II studies and not available yet on the market. We also offer up-to-date therapy strategies regarding the national and international accepted S3-guidelines for cancer treatment as

  • pancreatic cancer and tumors of the bile ducts
  • rectal cancer and other gastrointestinal tumors
  • hepatocellular carcinoma
  • malignant lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin-disease)
  • all gynecological tumors incl. breast cancer
  • malignant melanoma
  • lung cancer and
  • all hematological diseases:
    • chronic and acute leukemia
    • myelodysplastic disorders
    • hematologic disorders as anemia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia

For all our patients we provide personal and individualized protocols focused on the fact that human being is in the centre of the therapy under respectation of his physically and mentally status.

Suportive Care Concept

To provide newest cancer therapies and to support patients comforts Dr. Grenacher-Horn is one of the leading experts for a optimized side effect supression with her special supportive care concept:
Hair loss, nausea and severe pain in modern cancer treatent is avoidable and preventable under special conditions of an individual supportive care concept offered in the „Muenchner Onkologie“.
So we can offer you the newest system of skull cooling the „digni cap“ system to reduce the risk of hair loss more than 75%.


Dr. Grenacher-Horn and her team work according to the latest scientific findings and provide cancer treatments and diagnostic procedures with the patient as a human being in the centre oft he therapy. Individual approach, under respectation of the mental condition and patients physical status with best service in a pleasant atmosphere is our goal and philosphy for your recovery. We offer in an unique setting of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and other experts in the field of oncology under one roof a complete package for your health and all informations about your disease regarding

  • prevention
  • early cancer detection
  • diagnostic and therapeutic approach of all kinds of oncologic diseases
  • follow-up and staging
  • cancer therapies (first, second and third line)

We also offer you highest level of second opinion with critical discussion of provided terapies and in addition to that a check-up and a control if the diagnostic approach is correct and all needed informations for the newest therapies are completed.
We can offer our patients histologic examinations, molecularbiology, immunology and newest high-level imaging modalities as

  • Multidetector-CT
  • whole body MRI, multiparametric Prostate MRI, Breast MRI
  • PET/CT
  • Ultrasound and Fusion Imaging


If you have any questions or requests, we would like to hear about them!